Serial/I2C Extension Board

Platform independent Ice Mass Balance (IMB) temperature chain

Temperature chains are the key component of any Ice Mass Balance (IMB) system. Over the past few years, we have been working closely with scientists and deployment teams to develop a new version of this important ice monitoring tool.
Our main goal was to design a new type of IMB temperature chain which would improve the resolution, accuracy, strength, and sampling frequency of the existing chains. Along the way, we have also decided to make the IMB temperature chain platform independent!
Our High Accuracy Digital Temperature Chain (DTC) can be manufactured in lengths of up to 10 meters with temperature sensors every 2 cm down the chain.
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  • Serial/I2C Extension Board 2
  • 16-bit resolution (0.0078 °C)

  • Serial Interface (RS-232)

  • Sampling up to 1 Hz

  • Sampling every 2 cm

  • Up to 10 m long


Our digital temperature chain (DTC) solution enables you to add a high accuracy digital temperature chain to any existing system or platform with an available serial (RS-232) port and 9-18 VDC power supply.
No additional drivers or software is required, although our hardware and software engineers are standing by to assist you with any integration and/or optimization needs for your platform of choice.
We have prepared two simple commands (TEMP and HEAT) which give you complete control of the DTC system during temperature and heating modes. For example, BT+TEMP,6,10 command will return 10 sets of readings, 1 second apart, from a 1m digital temperature chain (DTC-1M).

Chain Length:0.32 m to 9.92 m
Chain Width:19.7 mm
Chain Thickness:1.7 to 2.8 mm
Operating Temperature:-40 °C to +60 °C
Accuracy:0.0017 °C (typical)
Resolution:0.0078 °C (16-bit)
Repeatability:0.015 °C
Operating Power:9 to 18 VDC
Current Drain - Reading (1m section):0.04 A at 12 VDC
Current Drain - Heating (1m section):0.32 A at 12 VDC


This 5 meter digital temperature chain (DTC-5M) temperature plot is a good example of the observed atmospheric, snow, ice, and Arctic ocean temperatures and interfaces (along the y-axis, from top to bottom) during one Arctic deployment from August to December 2015.
Digital temperature chain Bruncin