About us

About us

About us

The beginnings

Bruncin was formed in 2012 as a software company, focusing mostly on data acquisition, processing, management, storage, and visualization solutions in support of Arctic/Antarctic and Oceanographic research.

Over the years, working with our research partners on various EU projects (as SME partner) and commercial grants, we have started to branch out into embedded software and eventually into development and implementation of hardware solutions such as design and construction of custom sensors and new observation platforms.

Years of frustration

This gradual change from software to communications and hardware was mostly fueled by years of frustrations from trying to fulfill complex scientific observation requirements using mechanical engineering solutions form one institute or sub-contractor and merging them with electronic solutions from another, etc.

As luck would have it, the software guys would always get to stay up late to try and code their way out of problems which could very easily be addressed in hardware or embedded software. Over time, we have simply started to address some of these problems ourselves.

The control

As it turns out, this ability to control the complete process, from the smallest mechanical or electronic part, the on-chip software and communication protocols, to the complete automatization of data acquisition and data delivery methods, gives us the ability to solve complex problems and quickly innovate within our team to anticipate/address most issues during the design, implementation and testing phase. Every new project usually brings new and exciting challenges with lots of opportunities to grow, to learn from our partners, to expand our skillset, and to share our knowledge with the wider scientific community.

Responsive skilled team

Our philosophy is simple. We have a small and responsive team with a diverse skill set which was trained by our scientific partners from various institutions across the EU and USA to always focus on delivering solutions which are focused on solving the particular scientific issue at hand. Sometimes this means converting an analog sensor which can only work with proprietary hardware into a digital one which can be added to an existing observation platform (e.g. to save costs).

Other times, we are focusing on consolidating demo hardware/software sampling platforms into ergonomic solutions suitable for field deployments in cold or submarine conditions (e.g. to reduce deployment time or to increase life time in the field). We also still provide automated data acquisition, delivery and visualization solutions, focusing on integrated web or mobile solutions where all the needed information or data is no more than one click away and always in the correct data format needed for further analysis or processing by the scientific team.

So here we are

Our workshop in Zagreb, Croatia is always warm in the winter and cool in the summer, the lava lamp and the kettle are always on, and there are plenty of biscuits to keep us going for a few days. If you are in the neighborhood, stop by. If not, give us a shout via our contact form and we will get in touch. We are always looking for the next challenge, and would love to hear more about your research.

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